Dear Big Team— So I took a five-week sabbatical like eight months ago. My apologies on that. Things have been wild and weird (more on that below), and writing the second book and getting it across the finish line was a much heavier lift than I expected.
Hello Big Team! Just a reminder that if you’re DC-based, there’s one more chance for us all to hang out! Reana Kovalcik of Slow Food DC is spearheading…
Hello Team— I didn’t write a newsletter last week because I didn’t have the energy. It’s been a long, hard summer, and it’s still going. DC flirted…
The End of Soil Health: Part 1
Hello Big Team— Thank you all for your responses and reactions to last weeks newsletter. Your support and kind words mean the world to me. And here’s…
And F Words
And other agricultural advice for wedding season
Hello Big Team! I am breathing an *enormous* sigh of relief this week because everyone who has ordered a copy of Farm (and Other F Words) through me has…
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